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Healthy isn’t the cherry on top, it’s the pie.

We start with healthy, but it doesn’t end there. Our products are crafted to help women find a true moment of self care in their busy daily lives. This means developing products that not only work, but work to create a memorable experience. We could go Skin Deep into our passion for effective beauty that is healthy, luxury, and sensible, but our products speak for themselves. Go ahead, own your skin. Be healthy, look beautiful, and never ever compromise.


As a former lawyer focusing on human rights law, I am passionate about advocating for people to have access to things that make their lives better. This passion was no different when I discovered how difficult it was to find healthy and effective body care options for my eczema-prone and sensitive skin. It was so hard to find products that alleviated my eczema symptoms that were also natural and plant-based. When I did find natural products, they were either dull and uninspiring or overpriced.

I turned my passion for helping people into a quest to create beauty products “without sacrifice” for women of all backgrounds and skin types: plant-based and toxin-free while still effective, luxurious and also sensible. Women should never have to compromise their health or budget to look and feel beautiful.  My commitment is to continue to make products that make women feel beautiful inside and out. Experience the beauty trifecta.

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