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Written By: Brittany Covington | Purposeful Marketer |

Love is amazing. Love is reassuring. Love is simply extraordinary. While love can be sensational, we sometimes experience the pain of love. Just like anything else in life that we give our all to, love can burn you out if you are not careful. Have you ever noticed the many articles about how to get over a bad break-up? Whew, we sometimes get the short end of the stick when it comes to our personal relationships, but you know Skin Deep has your back! We all need a little motivation during those bad breakups or when we feel neglected by our loved ones.

Here are our top affirmations when loving too hard or too much burns you out. Repeat these affirmations on those lonely nights or emotional mornings when you need to manifest some self-love.  If you need an extra boost of inspiration, then create your own wall art with these life-changing words to hang next to your mirror.

  1. I am amazing. Honey, don’t you forget it.
  2. I deserve this stress free moment. Yes, to your self-care.
  3. I am worthy of praise. Sis, be confident in your worth.
  4. I am phenomenal. Yaas! Say it. 
  5. I am beautiful. Don’t you think otherwise.
  6. I am bae. Yes, and you love yourself! 
  7. I am unstoppable. Go out and walk that walk girlfriend.
  8. This is me! Whew, and don’t hide it.
  9. I will not constantly compromise my happiness. PERIOD! 

Add your favorite affirmation in our comments.!

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