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Interview By: Brittany Covington |

Have you noticed a woman living freely in the world doing her thing? It’s inspiring to witness another woman embracing womanhood while confidently strutting into her purpose. Witnessing this resilience even after life’s trials is what we live for.  

At Skin Deep, we STAN for chatting with real glow getters that are out here continuing to shine through adversity. We had the pleasure of chatting with Aisha. She is a writer, owner of Spiritual Fawn, and mother of four. On Facebook she describes her business as, “ …uplifting, encouraging and elevating”. 

Remember the saying, “When you look good, you feel good?” Well, it’s true. Self-care includes being there for yourself physically which can positively impact your mental well-being. You know that moment when you invite a girlfriend over for deep girl talk, well our interview with Aisha was that moment. There were laughs and “yass girl” finger snaps. Our conversation with Aisha digs into the conversation of being a mother, purposeful living, and how self-care saved her life.

Q: What does living in your purpose mean to you?

A: It’s all about how you can inspire other people. What unique way can you inspire someone else or how can you serve somebody or serve anybody? So, I write and speak about things that I have been through or things that I know are going to touch someone’s heart. Knowing that someone else is there with them sometimes triggers something in somebody to face something that they might not have been willing to face. I feel that is my purpose; just being able to inspire somebody, uplift, or serve someone in some way.

Q: Within living in your purpose, you almost discover this newfound confidence. Whether you feel physically confident or you feel that you are confident with who you are in the world. So, when do you feel the most confident?

A: I definitely believe in the saying, ‘When you look good, you feel good.’ When my hair is okay or I’m dressed nice, I feel good and I feel confident. Also, when I’m able to be productive and I’m independent by doing everything that I feel that I need to take care of independently. That makes me feel confident too as a woman.

Q: And one thing you have to do to remain “looking good” in your eyes is really self care. You have to put in that for yourself. So, how did self-care save your life at a time when you needed it the most?

A: I’ve come a long way from being in a very abusive relationship and it got to a point where I had to really just step away and focus on myself and making myself happy. I also went through a very tough time with postpartum depression. After that, I really had to take some time to just focus on me because you get so lost in being a mother. That means taking time to really just focus on me and what makes me happy whether it is taking a walk by myself or going to get that snack that I really enjoy and hiding away from my kids to eat by myself. Doing something for yourself that makes you happy takes a little bit of stress away. It has really saved my life in multiple situations. 

Q: What do you feel is your superpower to the world?

A: My superpower to the world. I have to go back to my business, Spiritual Fawn. Being able to intuitively connect with people without even being in their presence. I’m also an empath so I feel people on a totally different level. Being able to connect with people, strangers at that, being able to help them using my empath ways, or intuitive ways, I feel like that is my superpower and that’s how I help people.

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