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Have you ever started your day full of optimism to have it replaced with dread after a long commute to work? More than 14 million Americans spend an hour or more traveling to work. We are stuck in bumper to bumper traffic while hearing the constant sounds of horns honking and sometimes arriving to our business meeting very late. The unpredictable commute can impact our physical and mental health. Some of us experience real side effects of a long commute, such as high blood pressure, depression, weight gain, emotional exhaustion, and overall chronic stress. So, how can we have a stress free commute? Skin Deep has some valuable tips to help you make it to your destination with less tension to improve your mental state.

Manage your time wisely

Rushing to make it out of the door to your destination may result in less productivity due to an increase in anxiety. Select your clothes the night before to have more time to enjoy a peaceful moment in the morning. Take a relaxing and refreshing shower for that needed boost before thinking about your long to do list.

Improve your mood with a workout or morning intimacy

Have you ever realized how amazing you felt after an early morning run to kickstart your day? Remember to take advantage of an early sweat session by grabbing your partner to have some adult fun. Pleasurable activities can reduce your stress levels resulting in a happier mood to begin your day.

Support your tush with a padded seat cushion

Sometimes our car seats are just uncomfortable. For extra sitting comfort add an orthopedic cushion or lumbar support for your back.

Meal prep and pack healthy snacks

Frantically speeding out of the door can sometimes leave you scrambling to put together a decent breakfast or snacks for the day. Think ahead by preparing a nutritious breakfast the night before. Grab an apple or trail mix to keep in your car during those moments your stomach is growling in traffic.

Subscribe to a podcast or download an affirmation album

There are so many wonderful choices when it comes to podcasts. Download a humorous romantic fiction musical or ignite the fire within by listening to an affirmation album to manifest the day you really want.

Start your morning with a good laugh

Tune into your favorite comedian’s comedy station on Pandora. Laughter is the medicine we need. Create a more positive travel experience with a good joke or three.

Practice Mindfulness

Practice conscious thinking by including a few mindfulness exercises as you are traveling to your destination. Be present and control your mind by adding a breathing exercise or making a conscious effort to notice your surroundings. Before exiting the car, pause, and have a moment to be fully present.

Purchase an essential oil diffuser

Most of us have a diffuser at home but why not add one to the place you spend most of your time. Yes, for less than $20 you can purchase an essential oil diffuser for your car. Add a drop of lemon for an invigorating scent to start your day.

Talk to yourself

It is completely normal to talk to yourself. Record a voice memo and talk about your feelings, goals, or accomplishments. Allow your mind to fully process and explore your thoughts to prepare for what’s ahead. Instead of allowing your thoughts to control your day, simply process those feelings then move on.

Reward yourself with a soothing evening bath

You know your day is pretty hectic so why not plan a moment of self care as a treat when you arrive home. Go ahead, schedule a warm relaxing bath to your “welcome home” routine. Indulge in your moment with Skin Deep’s almond body wash and souffle.

Embrace long commutes by practicing these daily tips to have a happier and more productive day. What are your tips for a stress-free commute?

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