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How to Vacation Like a Self-Care Boss

Written By: Jamila Ross| The Copper Door B&B, Miami Fl. |

The opportunity to take a vacation can be the much needed reset you need for your physical and mental wellbeing. Ensuring that your vacation time is spent in a stress-free and relaxing environment can be so simple. Here are a few easy tips to make your next vacation as easy going as possible.

1. Plan ahead of time.
  1. You will find that hotels typically have Early Bird discounts and your travels will become something to look forward to rather than another dreadful task. Book your reservations early. The Copper Door B&B offers discounts for reservations made 6+ months in advance.
2. Choose activities or lodging options that will bring balance to your vacation.

Choosing between a resort vs. boutique hotel, all-inclusive vs. adventure and warm vs. cool can become an indecisive juggle. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be, you can opt for a bit of both. Miami, FL is a perfect destination for city life and serenity all in one. With close proximity to the city and beach it makes for a more complete experience. Visit us at the Copper Door B&B for an authentic Miami vacation. With breakfast included at this cute B&B, this experience takes the guessing out of yet another meal, all while keeping your travel budget in line.

3. Invest in a centrally located place.

Investing in a centrally located place to stay gives you the ability to walk to and from destinations and then ultimately to opportunity get back “home” easily. This strategy will easily make all the difference in your stay, especially after a long day. Plus, being a bit more active than you normally would, can act as self-care while vacationing.

Jamila Ross & Akino West- owners of The Copper Door BnB. via: Photograph by Felipe Cuevas
4. Smart Suitcase

A smart-style suitcase that includes device charging is essential. Having an accessible phone can be stressful on the regular, so why make it so while vacationing?

5. Toiletries

A simple toiletry pack can easily take the uncertainty out of what you truly need. Your stress-free basics include cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliating. When traveling to different climates and environments it’s so important to take care of your skin. Grab a Skin Deep Kit, which has all three in one. The kit’s pump and jar packaging it’s easy for the entire family to use while indulging in new goodies for yourself.

Extra Tip! Bring your favorite fragrance along with you. If you’re currently using Almond Body Wash, purchase the Almond kit for your vacay. The fragrance will act as a comforting reminder of home.

5. Drink Up!

The simplest rule to a relaxing vacation is to drink up…water of course! Plenty of water will prevent yourself from getting sick, ease anxiety, and create long lasting energy post travel.

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