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Written by: Brittany Covington | October 28, 2019 | | @bspeaks9


Are you constantly wasting your day with the amount of hours you are on social media? 

Most of us have unconsciously scrolled Instagram and found ourselves staring at our phone screens longer than we wanted to. Sometimes we are deeply engaged with our social media friends, but we tend to ignore the people in the same room with us. Have you missed moments in front of you because you are too busy Snapchatting? Our social media lifestyle can consume our days. It’s time to reset and recharge with this list of things to do during a social media detox. 

1. Visit a library or local bookstore. Replace that reflex to casually scroll Facebook with reading a chapter of a good mystery or romance novel.                                

2. Begin the day with meditation and an affirmation. Kickstart your morning with a clear mind and positive thinking.         

3. Send a personal note or email to your family and supporters. If you haven’t collected emails or phone numbers from your family, friends, or supporters then you are setting yourself up to potentially lose a connection. Would you still have your Instagram contacts if the app crashed tomorrow?                      

4. Enjoy the nature around you or visit a local attraction. People watch more how to videos on Youtube or IGTV than they actually “do”. Have you completed that hike you often think about?

5. Meal prep for the week. Think about how you would dodge spending money at fast-food restaurants because there is literally food at home. 

6. Watch your favorite shows without the spoilers. I will never understand the satisfaction people get by prematurely sharing how Jack died on This is Us. 

7. Create a gratitude board. Every year we concentrate on getting to the next level with our vision boards. We see our social media friends starting businesses, having a glamorous wedding, and jet setting to their fifth vacation. Your gratitude board is a reminder that you are doing just fine. 

8. Pamper yourself with some much needed self-care. Polish your toes, exfoliate your body with Skin Deep’s Lavender Body Scrub, and try breathing exercises while stretching to relax your mind before bedtime. Try this and you will glow in the morning from the inside out. 

9. Have a meaningful conversation. Improve your conversations and connections by putting away your phone and talking to the people around you. 

10. Pay it forward and do a good deed. Whether you help a sick neighbor or assist an elderly woman loading groceries, the opportunities to help will be more obvious as you are more attentive to your surroundings. 

What would you do during a week of no social media?

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  1. These are perfect ways to detox from social media. I would also recommend putting your phone on Do Not Disturb hours at time during the day. Itll help!

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