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Working from home may sound luxurious but when you have kids it can be a humbling eye-opener. Now you are constantly muting your phone as your child is whining or doing something to get your attention. It’s not the same as going into an office where you can better manage your time or focus. Remote working can be tough but with a few extra tips you will master a plan that works for you.

1. Create a Weekly and Daily Schedule

Avoid going into your work week without an idea of your goals and tasks. How many times have you forgotten something you mentally reminded yourself to do in your personal life? When we are at the office our calendars are full of meetings while we complete our daily expectations. This is how you need to run your professional life from home. Fill your calendar with virtual meetings or deadlines.To better manage your daily work life, create a to-do list to stay on track. This guideline will refocus your attention if your child abruptly pulls you away during the day.

2. Plan Ahead

When you are creating your daily schedules, plan ahead of time. Write down your daily tasks at least a few days in advance. Planning ahead is a mental preview of what is to come and an opportunity to edit your schedule as your work requires.

3. Ditch the Guilt

It is okay for your child to entertain herself for a few minutes. Allowing TV or tablet time does not make you a bad parent. Everything we do includes technology so it is up to you as a parent to show your kids how to incorporate it into their lives and when to set boundaries. Turn on their favorite educational show and take advantage of some time to complete a task. Balance screen time with planned activities like colorful art time or an observant walk to the park.

4. Organize your Home Office

A home office with a desk is not a necessity, however being able to find important documents is a must. If you work better with an actual paper trail then organize your home office area by adding a file cabinet. Another helpful tip is to create a digital or physical  “working” folder. This folder contains your weekly and daily to-do list. Let this folder be a reminder of current projects and statuses. If you are a person that does better in a designated physical working space, then find a spot in your home and personalize the area for your taste.

5. Take an Off-Day

Working from home can sometimes lead you to a life of checking your emails non-stop throughout the day. So, listen to me carefully. Take a day off and put your phone down! If an off day isn’t possible, then be sure to follow your work hours instead of constantly working overtime. Your mental health depends on you setting limits. 

Remember, it is okay if you are having a tough day with juggling being a parent while working from home. It takes some adjustment to figure out what works for your family.

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