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Are Skin Deep (TM) products natural?

Yes. Skin Deep products are 100% natural. Our products are made with natural plant based ingredients and botanical oil blends. We do not use chemical preservatives, dyes or synthetic fragrances.

How is the Shea Body Soufflé different from other Shea based body butters?

The Shea Body Soufflé is different from other Shea based body butters because it is has a buttery soft consistency and will stay soft throughout the life of the product. This consistency allows the Soufflé to easily penetrate the skin providing moisture without build-up, which is essential to healthy skin restoration.

What are botanical oils?

Botanical oils are plant derived oils such as, coconut and olive oils which are usually obtained through cold-pressing methods.

How do I store my Soufflé?

The Shea Body Soufflé is best stored at room temperature. Due to the natural melting point of botanical oils the Soufflé should not be stored in excess of 80 degrees F.

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