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Thoughtful Secret Santa Gifts Under $20

Written by: Brittany Covington of

At last, classic holiday tunes are playing, Santa movies are streaming, and gingerbread cookies are baking. Christmas is the time of the year when we open our hearts and wallets. Most of us gather with coworkers or friends to exchange gifts in a fun tradition known as Secret Santa. As an experienced shopper of Secret Santa gifts, I know the pleasure you feel from selecting a gift that actually makes a person smile. Have you ever wanted to give the best gift but realized that you were on a tight budget? Don’t worry because you will rule the office or holiday gathering with this list of thoughtful Secret Santa gifts under $20.

1. Essential Oils

These days everyone has a diffuser in their home, office, or car. Select essential oils based on the different benefits such as lavender to relieve stress or rosemary to improve productivity. 

2. Bottle of Wine & Wine Label

A bottle of wine is festive gift for that friend that likes to have a good time either at a social gathering or home alone. Spend a few extra dollars to hide the label with a wine label while adding a comedic or thoughtful touch to the bottle.

3. Glam Gloves

If you have a coworker that never skips a nail appointment then these are for her or him. Protect those well manicured hands and bedazzled nails with a fancier pair of household gloves.

4. A Good Book

One of the best gifts is a tangible book because they are very inexpensive and can be regifted. Think of that person that needs a vacation. Reading a story is an inexpensive way to travel to a whole new world. Whether this gift is to help a person unwind or even inspire, there are books out there for everyone.

5. Luxury Body Care

You don’t have to break the bank to spoil someone with a luxury spa gift. If she loves pampering herself or if he has never experienced quality bodycare, then fill your cart with one of Skin Deep’s Body Scrubs for the best Secret Santa gift. Everyone will be gossiping on the Secret Santa that splurged on natural and plant-based body care.

6. Original Artwork

There are many talented, local, and underrated artists selling original prints of their artwork at affordable prices. Give an inspiring present by gifting interior wall art to stimulate the mind and lower anxiety. Click here to receive your exclusive Skin Deep deal from abstract artist, Melisa Brown.

7. Craft Supplies or Lessons

Do you know someone that loves to sew or  DIY projects? Gift a creative person with more supplies or workshop lessons to improve their craft.

8. Beauty Gift Bag

There is always that one makeup lover that is first to purchase newly released makeup or a must-have beauty tool. Simply, fill a hand-made paper gift bag with a seasonal lipstick shade and a facial massager for a trendy gift.

9. Healing Bracelet

If your colleague is constantly speaking of her breakup, overreacting to simple requests, or currently holding a ten year grudge, then she could use a healing bracelet to encourage more positive energy.

10. Gel Seat Cushion

Someone, somewhere is constantly sitting in his car or desk chair.  Gift a gel seat cushion to support extra support.

11. Motivating Key Chain

Give a keychain with a thoughtful message for inspiring words on the go. This easy reminder will result in daily smiles and a boost of confidence.

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